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Peyton Lab Meetings Fall 2015
Mondays 1:15-2:45pm
LSL 515.

Sep 21 - Integrin Trafficking (Lauren Jansen)

Sep 28 - Inside-out Integrin Activation (Sam)

Oct 5 - Practice BMES talks (Sam, Alyssa)

Oct 19 - BMES recap (Sam, Alyssa, Lauren Jansen, Lauren Barney, Thuy)

Oct 26 - Practice AIChE talks (Lauren Barney, Thuy, Elizabeth)

Nov 16 - AIChE recap (Elizabeth, Lauren Barney, Alyssa, Thuy)

Nov 23 - Role of Integrin Glycosylation in Activation and Binding (Lauren Barney)

Nov 30 - Alternative Splicing of Integrins (Alyssa)

Dec 14 - Integrin-EGFR Cross-Activation (Elizabeth)

--Shelly Peyton 10:31, 18 August 2015 (EDT)