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Peyton Lab Meetings Spring 2013
Wednesdays 9-10am
February meetings are in 157C Goessmann ALL OTHERS are in Kellogg Room (Jan, Mar, Apr, May).

Jan 23 - Lab cleanup organizational meeting. Shelly and Dannielle

Jan 30 - Will

Feb 6 - Thuy

Feb 13 - Dannielle

Feb 20 - Lauren B

Feb 27 - Lauren J

Mar 6 - Thuy, Technique Review of MAGPix Assays

Mar 20 - Will, Technique Review of making an adenovirus

Mar 27 - Dannielle, JClub review of epigenetics in cancer progression

Apr 17 - Lauren B, JClub review of chemotherapeutic treatment options for triple negative breast cancer

Apr 24 - Lauren J, Technique Review of 3D PEG hydrogels

--Shelly Peyton 13:56, 18 December 2012 (EST)